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Pisco Sour

  • Cook time: 5 min
  • Servers: 4
  • Skill level: Medium

This serves four people.


  • Package of Pisco Sour Mix 125g (from your Peruvian Food Experience) 
  • 1 cup of pisco (250 ml) 
  • Ice cubes
  • ½ cup of water (125 ml)
  • Lime wheel or cherry for garnish (optional)

Step by step method

Step 1

Place ingredients in a blender or a cocktail shaker

Step 2

Shake vigorously for about 1 min to ensure everything is well mixed.

Step 3

Strain the mixture into a rocks glass or a coupe glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Step 4

Serve and enjoy your refreshing Pisco Sour!

Tips & variations

Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy your Pisco Sour in moderation!